Herbal Courses

Rowan McOnegal has taught courses alongside her herbal practice for the last 14 years. She offers a range of courses for complete beginners and those with some experience, as well as complimentary practitioners who want to extend their knowledge of herbal medicine and their skills in identifying, understanding and using plants in healing.
Some come purely for fun, to learn about herbs in the home, and go on to train as professional herbalists!
The aims of Rowan's courses are to provide enjoyable, informative, high quality courses in herbal medicine, which stimulate interest and promote understanding of all aspects of the living tradition of herbal medicine and to impart knowledge of, and confidence in, the safe use of herbs.
Courses range from practical herbal medicine making, growing herbs, identifying herbs in the wild, to using herbs for self help and minor ailments, as well as more in-depth study.
Rowan is happy to run courses by arrangement for a minimum of 4 people, for example, one day courses, weekday courses, or courses on more specialised themes, such as "Herbs for women", "Childrens ailments", "The edible garden" and others. She is also planning an advanced course for people who have done one weekend and would like to study herbs in more depth. If you are interested in these please contact her.
Courses are held at Castle Orchard, near Ledbury, Herefordshire HR8 2RH. They begin at 10.00am and end at 4pm. Numbers are kept to a maximum of 8 people per course.

Comments from previous course participants:

Quite simply fantastic! Highly informative and very inspiring!...a truly excellent course. It was huge fun to create preparations from just-picked herbs.
Very useful and inspiring.
I particularly liked the practical work as it gave me the confidence to actually make up remedies.
Very useful in that one learns about valuable alternatives to conventional medicine.
The whole package was wonderful - he observations and hands on experience, the tasting, the walk in the grounds.
Very relaxed and enjoyable.
I was very fired up and enthusiastic after the course and I definitely look at plants differently. It is as if my eyes have been opened to what is below my feet!
Really interesting and practical. It really opened doors to a lot of options.
The elecampane has grown well in the garden and the syrup we made was voted the UK's best cough medicine by my family.

for Rowan McOnegal
Ghosting through rainmist
rising from damp Herefordshire earth
like a tall tree is a wooden house.
Around it, dew-necklaced winter shrubs.
Within, women melting beeswax,
shredding bay leaves, rosemary,
sieving rose hips through muslin,
sipping tinctures,
exchanging old knowledge.
Breathe this epiphany of frankincense and myrrh,
turmericís bright dust,
this spiced warming chrism.
In Decemberís darkness, in the leaden days,
hope for a glint of gold
that has travelled the spice road.
Mair De-Gare Pitt

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