McOnegal Botanical is a specialist source of images of medicinal, wild and horticultural plants and gardens founded and run by a qualified herbalist and photographer. It is a comprehensive collection of botanical and creative portraits of plants, suitable for popular, scientific, editorial or advertising use. The usefulness of the library is reinforced by specialist knowledge and experience. The library has a huge range of wild and garden plants and related subjects.

This outstanding and unique collection is available in digital format and on transparency, and is backed up by a further 6000 + images.
HERBS, Volume 1 of the Plant Library collection is now available on CD. This CD ROM holds photographs of 100 different medicinal herbs in use today, licensed for royalty free reproduction, subject to the terms of trade and license.
Two sets of images are provided, suitable for printing or web pages. Please contact me for more information about the CD, or to obtain additional images from the McOnegal Botanical collection.
Bespoke photographic commissions are willingly undertaken.
Drawings and paintings of plants are also undertaken to commission.

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