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Introduction to Japanese Woodblock Printmaking October 2019

  • Rowan McOnegal Castle Orchard Putley, Ledbury, HR8 2RH UK (map)

Japanese woodblock printmaking (Moku-hanga) is a traditional Japanese art which has long been admired by Westerners. This relief print method uses a range of compatible materials including the woodblock, chisels, a hand held baren to press the ink into the absorbent Japanese paper, and water based inks. It is low tech and environmentally friendly. It is the particular combination of materials and processes which result in the unique quality of a Moku-hanga print. The design is transferred to the block a variety of ways, the image carved with a range of specialised chisels and knives, and the ink applied with special brushes.

I travelled to Japan specifically to learn Mokuhanga, and I will show you how to do a basic one colour print in a day, demonstrating the principles of this wonderful and engaging art form which engages with natural materials on a deep level.