All Saints Church, Hollybush, Eastnor, Worcestershire, 2014


I designed and made this stained glass window in response to a commission from Terry's family. It was installed at All Saints Church, Hollybush nr Eastnor in 2014. 

It was made to commemorate the life of Terry Hughes, and celebrates his love of the local area. I spent time drawing and painting in the locality, making studies for the work. 
It's not far from where I live, and I have spent many hours walking in the woods and hills nearby, so knew the area very well.  

It incorporates  English Antique Glass, made locally in Alvechurch, and Lamberts glass, which handmade is in Germany. I worked with the family about the design. I wanted to incorporate the flora and fauna of the area, and somehow evoke the amazing views that you get from the top of Raggedstone Hill, as well as the tiny details of the bracken, daffodils and bluebells that are also a feature of the area.  A hare appears half hidden in the bracken, and there is also a mouse in the undergrowth. The window faces north, so the light is subdued, and with this in mind as well as wanting to reveal the beauty and clarity of the unpainted glass with its streaks of colour that are so evocative of skies, I left the upper part of the main window and most of top section mostly unpainted.This also allowed the trees outside slightly visible through the glass, bringing the 'outside ,in' , and anchoring the image to the outside environment. I also used sandblasting rather than painting for much of the design, again, to maximise incoming light. 
How different stained glass panels from different eras sit together in the same church is always an issue. This piece, so different form the existing windows in the church, is at the opposite end of the church, so it felt fine to be made in such a different style. Feedback from the congregation was positive, which pleased me very much. 

Steele & Stovell