Brown Clee Primary School, Ditton Priors, Shropshire, 2015


This window was commissioned by Hazel's family, and the School. She was a much valued member of the staff at the school, and meant alot to the children and the staff. I worked with them to design a window that celebrated her life. I incorporated designs from the children's drawings that they had been invited to make for the panel, together with images such as a daisies and harebells, and vistas of the hills that Hazel loved to walk in. I liked bringing together the things that evoke childhood (noticing flowers and butterflies close up, making daisy chains, for example), things that Hazel loved, and the unique local flora. I used sandblasting on Lamberts flashed glass, and light paintwork & enamels to keep the panel as brightly coloured as possible. It was installed in the Main hall and dedicated in a moving ceremony in the Hall in November 2015.

Steele & Stovell